The age of causality is ended. Across the land, the triumphs and tragedies of all, mighty and meagre, are determined by the roll of the dice. One moment, a novice thief might pick the world's most sophisticated lock with an old twig; the next, a beloved king might roll a critical failure on dexterity while attending a banquet, with spectacular results.

Clad in steel, a nameless champion embarks upon a journey to put a stop to this. His destination: the mountain's summit, where sits the dicemaster whose cruel whims have set the world atumble. In his hand are three of the Dice of Destiny; the other four must be prised from the hands of the foul Lich.


Code by JestemStefan
Art by D4yz
UI by Vela
Sound Design by Romeromey
Music by JohnGabrielUK

Dice of Destiny was made for the thirty-second Godot Wild Jam.
The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp.

Patch 1.0.1:
- Fixed bug where health doesn't update if you heal at the end of the round.
- Fixed delay for "7" skill and enemy Special skill.
- Fixed bug with game crashing if you try to play again after beating final boss.
- Added unique hand for each enemy type.
- Minor tweaks to enemies and balance

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorsJestemStefan, JohnGabrielUK, D4yz, Mad Parrot Studios, RomeRomey
Tags2D, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Short


Windows 28 MB
Version 1.0.1 Apr 25, 2021
macOS 41 MB
Version 1.0.1 Apr 25, 2021
Linux 29 MB
Version 1.0.1 Apr 25, 2021

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extremly fun game :)

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This is just super fun, love the turn taking aspect and the roll mech, the music is spot on.

Really enjoying the game so far! Giving me HUGE vibes of playing Fire Emblem on the old gameboy advance and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Don't know if theres a save mechanic, really hoping there is because i didn't have time to run through the entire game. One issue i did have, was usually if I got he crit 7, it wouldn't update the numbers for the crit if I didn't click anything else before hitting end. Either way, hope you enjoy the video! 


Good game! I like the graphics and sound effects - the character voices are great. A bit of a tutorial would be nice, the first time the enemy doubled up their damage took me by surprise and not in a good way! The world map is really well done, although it would be better if you could click multiple spots ahead and the character would move straight there, rather than needed 3 clicks to get back to where you were

This was amazing and very deserving of the win! It was a little easy once you started getting more dice and the fact you could recover between fights but that didn't dampen my enjoyment at all! I loved every second of this!!

Great, but I didn't find the need to use block instead of healing.


Thank you for playing. 

We are currently working on combat system remake. The skills and combat will be updated in the next patch or release :)

Very impressive game to do in a game jam. It's really great and feels like a full game. One bug is with the 7 dice, many times the doubling effect doesn't seem to work.

It's working in the code. The update of the action stats have a 2s delay. It will be fixed in the patch 1.0.1 ;)

New patch is released today and this bug is fixed ;)

Awesome. I already finished it once in the first version, really great job on it.


Congrats on victory in GWJ! Very well deserved, your entry is a gem with no doubts!