A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

[ARROW KEYS] or WASD to move.

[E] or [SPACE] to interact. 

Double-space to fly with the goose.

Left-click to shoot clouds.

Right-click to suck clouds using vacuum. Use clouds to refuel your ship!

[Esc] to pause and view settings.

[Known bugs]
- You can soft-lock yourself by running out of fuel on the island without cloud generator. Make sure you refuel your ship using device at the front of it, before going to next island and use your clouds wisely.

Sail the skies and abate the storm with the power of VaCuum!

John VaCuum-Kleiner, a travelling cleaner, inventor and pioneer, specialises in anything vacuum-related! 

He and his unforgettable companion, Margaret the Goose, embark on a journey from town to town on their spectacular airship, the Hoovercraft to spread the knowledge of vacuum cleaners. However, on arriving at their next destination, the pair come across a storm engulfing the entire area...

Margaret, with her unmatchable intellect, suggests that the two will have to find 3 artifacts in order to calm the storm. John, knowing better than to try matching Margaret's intellect, agrees, and the two set forth on a miraculous adventure!

Fly from island to island on the Hoovercraft while vacuuming up clouds to fuel your ship, and solve intriguing puzzles armed with your handy vacuum and the expertice of your not-so-birdbrained avian companion!


We are open-source by the way!
[Our Github Repo]


Windward_Linux.zip 235 MB
Windward_Windows.zip 234 MB
Windward Eye of the Storm MacOS.dmg 253 MB


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This was so much more fun than I was expecting! I had loads of fun with this and I adore Margaret!! Nicely done!!


We deeply appreciate this! :)